Survivor Redemption Island: Boston Rob VS Russell Who Will Win?

boston rob, russell hantz
Who will dominate Survivor Redemption Island?

Survivor is back tonight for the start of its 22nd season! We’re still watching. To make Survivor even more interesting, there’s a twist this season where Survivors who are voted off doing actually leave, but are sent to Survivor Redemption Island for a chance to come back into the game.

But, if that isn’t enough of a twist for you, two of the biggest villains in Survivor history are returning to play the game. Boston Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz are returning to face off and we can’t wait to see how the two do!

Boston Rob will be the first Survivor ever to play in four different games of Survivor. He was on Survivor Marquesas, Survivor All-Stars, and Survivor Heroes VS Villains. Boston Rob started out as a villain, between his adorable smile, his relationship with fellow Survivor Amber Brkich, who is now his wife, he’s changed into more of a hero.  The new Survivors clapped when Rob came out to join them, while there was silence when Russell came out.

Russell Hantz, on the other hand, might be the ultimate Survivor villain. He played in back to back seasons of Survivor last year. He was on Survior Samoa and then Survivor Heroes vs Villains, where no one had the advantage of having seen him play the game because they filmed the show before his first season aired. Russell made it to the final tribal council in both his seasons, but didn’t win.

Even more than the Survivor Redemption Island twist, we’re insterested to see how the rivalry between Boston Rob and Russell will play out. Though, maybe one of the new Survivor cast members will surprise us and take over, like Ashley Underwood.   Though, Russell and Boston Rob have their charms and are amazing leaders, so it would be shocking if they didn’t go far in the game.