Survivor Redemption Island: Is The New Twist Fair?

survivor redemption island survivor nicaragua
"Survivor Redemption Island:" Is the new twist fair?

“Survivor Redemption Island” is hardly the first edition of CBS’s “Survivor” to offer a big twist remember the time the castaways were divided by race? Or the first time a booted contestant was allowed to return? But this time, Jeff Probst announced during the “Survivor Nicaragua” finale last night, “Survivor 22’s” booted contestants will all have a chance to return, which raise the question: Is the “Survivor Redemption Island” twist fair?

I’m tempted to say no, because I don’t want my “Survivor” winner to be some castoff who blew their first chance. My sole reason for considering this change a good thing is that sometimes contestants like Russell are booted before they should be, and this would give them a chance to work back in.

What do you think is this new way fair or do you prefer the old “Survivor?”


Photo: CBS

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