Survivor Redemption Island Recap: What is Survivor Without Russell?


survivor recapIf you did not see the result of tonight’s Survivor duel, you can check out what happened to Russel Hantz.

Meanwhile, Boston Rob plotted ways to get his teammates away from camp so that he could look for the immunity idol.  He did eventually find it, though his team thought he was off going to the bathroom.  Phillip tried to use information from the duel to move himself and Christina further ahead in the game, but Boston Rob wasn’t having it.

The immunity challenge involved a big food reward.  The challenge was a complicated one, with looking for tools, cutting and chopping your way through a course, and then building a ladder at the end.

Russell’s former team won immunity and reward, sending Boston Rob’s team to tribal council.

Kristina thought it would be either her or Phillip.  Because Kristina was not frantic about trying to scramble for votes, it led some of her teammates to believe she could have it, since no one knew that Boston Rob found it.

In a 4-3 vote, Kristina was voted to Redemption Island. She’ll have to face Matt in a duel.

Boston Rob is in control of the game right now.