Survivor Redemption Island: Who Is In the First Survivor Duel?


survivor 2011Oh, Survivor. This is your 22nd season and yet we can’t quit you.  You brought back Russell Hantz and Boston Rob Mariano.  And then you tell us that there’s a chance for voted off castaways to return to the game.  Then you give us a character like Phillip.  How could we not watch?

Russell was trying to find the immunity idol without a clue, but Ralph beat him to it! Dangerous because Russell’s tribe is not as in love with him as Rob’s tribe is.

And really, does anyone know what the names of these tribes are? Aren’t they just Rob’s tribe and Russell’s tribe?

Keep reading to find out who was voted off and what is going on with Survivor Redemption Island.

Russell’s tribe won immunity, so he doesn’t have to worry about Ralph’s immunity idol quite yet, though he definitely needs to watch out for Ralph!  Side note: wow on the body hair on Ralph! Ew.

With Rob’s team going to Tribal Council, Rob was masterminding who was being voted out.

Christina played her immunity idol. Rob’s plan worked and Matt was voted out. And we didn’t get to see a duel yet!  Maybe next time? Or are they going to let there be more castaways on Redemption Island before we see a duel?

Oh, Survivor, we definitely can’t quit you.