Survivor Redemption Island: Who Was the First Survivor Voted to Redemption Island?

Who was the first Survivor sent to Redemption Island?

We can no longer say who was voted out with the new twist from Survivor Redemption Island.

If you are voted out of your tribe, you are sent to Redemption Island, so there is chance you are coming back.

Still, no one wants to be the first person to be sent to Redemption Island on Survivor. Find out who was the first to go.

With Boston Rob and Russell back in the game, the team names don’t mean much to most watching Survivor Redemption Island, it’s Rob’s team and Russell’s team.

Russell’s team won immunity, so they were all safe. It was Boston Rob’s team who had to go to the first tribal council on Survivor Redemption Island.

Kristina found the hidden immunity idol without any clues and tried to make a play to get Rob voted off first. Though, her teammate said that the need Boston Rob’s strength.

Phillip shocked everyone by calling out all the plans and scrambling for votes.  And then Boston Rob tried to get Kristina to give him the immunity idol. Oh, yes! It was a good tribal council!

The first Survivor sent to Redemption Island is Francesca.