Survivor Winner Fabio Jud Birza: How Fabio Plans to Spend Survivor Nicaragua Money

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Survivor Nicaragua Winner Fabio

Survivor winner Fabio (Jud Birza) flew under the radar, was well liked and yeah, maybe played the dumb model card often, but he’s sitting pretty with a million dollars, so it worked!

How does Survivor winner Fabio plan to spend his million dollar paycheck?

Fabio was on The Early Show this morning to talk about being the winner of Survivor Nicaragua, and when asked how he’ll spend the money, he said, “Dude, I’m going to have a lot of fun. Arts and crafts day every day. I’m going to travel the world. I’m gonna hang out.”

Being $1 million richer apparently isn’t going to change Fabio’s laid back demeanor. To give him credit though, Fabio did say during the Survivor Nicaragua finale that he would help his mom out if he won.