Survivor Winner: Which Survivor Was Named the Fan Favorite? (Video)


survivor winnerThere was more than one winner on last night’s finale of Survivor: Nicaragua!  Not only Jud “Fabio” Birza named the ultimate survivor, but resident mom Jane Bright was named the season’s fan favorite.  With the title of fan favorite, Jane walked away with her own $100k prize!

Watch Jane Bright earn the title of fan favorite on the Survivor: Nicaragua finale….

Jane not only earned the title of fan favorite, she blew away the competition winning the title of fan favorite by receiving both the most votes and the biggest margin in the history of the show.  The underdog of the season Jane, 56, was the oldest female contestant this season and made it 36 days into the competition before being blind-sided at tribal council.  The dog breeder nearly made it to the end to outlast the rest of the competition and won the equivalent of two years worth of her salary just for being a likeable person amongst the backstabbers!

Was Jane Bright your favorite Survivor this season?  Did Jane earn the title of Survivor Nicaragua fan favorite?