Survivor Winner: Why It's Shocking a Parent Didn't Win

Jeff Probst announces Survivor Winner
Would Jeff Probst give a parent better odds at being the Survivor winner?

It was a little surprising that the Survivor Nicaragua winner was so young, but Fabio was the winner this season. Youth may have its advantages, but there’s a lot to be said for age and experience.

And if you are a parent, you already have some training to go far in Survivor.

Such as:

*The survivors must compete in many competitions on very little sleep.  Any parent who had a collicky baby or whose baby didn’t take too well to the Ferber method is already an expert on getting things done while being exhausted.

*The survivors must create alliances and deal with cranky competitors. Have a two year old? You’re already a master at this.

*To have a chance at the final tribal council, the survivors must not have made too many enemies. Most of the jury needs to actually like them. Do you have more than one child? Navigating the waters of sibling rivalry means you are already a pro at keeping everyone happy.

Would you ever go on Survivor?

Photo: PRPhotos