Survivors! 10 Celebrity Moms Who Battled Cancer and Won (Photos)


Getting a diagnosis of cancer changes everything. And if you have kids at home or have dreamed of someday having children, finding out that you have cancer becomes even more intense and immediate.  There are little ones who are counting on you and the thought that you may not hear the pitter patter of little feet around the house may be devastating. But cancer is not a death sentence. It is a disease that can be fought, conquered and it’s a battle that can be won.

These ten celebrity moms all were diagnosed with cancer. And all of them won the battle and continued to be there for their kids and/or to realize their dreams of having kids themselves. Check out these ten survivors right here:

  • Christina Applegate 1 of 10
    Christina Applegate
    Christina Applegate discovered she had breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. But she still scared telling Health Magazine recently, "I'm probably more unfortunately, at this point paranoid than I'd ever been before about when I go get my checkups and everything. I'm just scared. And I don't want to be." But she's now healthy, happy and mother to an adorable baby girl.
    Source: Health
  • Giuliana Rancic 2 of 10
    Giuliana Rancic
    Giuliana Rancic's quest to become pregnant is what led her doctors to discover she had breast cancer. In December of last year she had a double mastectomy. She said of her recovery, "I'll be totally honest. While I was recovering, I was thinking, 'I'm really going to be asking people what they're wearing? I didn't know if I could find the joy in it again. But it didn't take long." And she has a lot to be joyful for now, she and husband Bill are expecting a baby via a surrogate.
    Source: US Weekly
  • Sheryl Crow 3 of 10
    Sheryl Crow
    After Sheryl Crow was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 she surrounded her self with supportive people. "I think encouragement always goes a long way," the singer told CNN. "It is so scary … but having the positive support of loved ones is invaluable."
    Source: CNN
  • Edie Falco 4 of 10
    Edie Falco
    Edie Falco when she was diagnosed in 2003 opted to keep her health issues a secret from her then Sopranos castmates and crew. "I kept my diagnosis under the radar, even from the cast and crew, because well-meaning people would have driven me crazy asking, ‘How are you feeling?'" Falco told Health magazine. "I would have wanted to say, ‘I'm scared, I don't feel so good, and my hair is falling out!' "I bucked up, put on my Carmela fingernails, and was ready to work."
    Source: Health
  • Cynthia Nixon 5 of 10
    Cynthia Nixon
    Cynthia Nixon was diagnosed in 2002 with breast cancer and spoke of the importance of mammograms. "(T)he only thing to really be afraid of is if you don't go get your mammograms, because there's some part of you that doesn't want to know, and that's the thing that's going to trip you up," she told Good Morning America. "That's the thing that could have a really bad endgame."
    Source: ABC News
  • Suzanne Somers 6 of 10
    Suzanne Somers
    Suzanne Somers spoke to Larry King three years after her 2000 breast cancer diagnosis and how it changed her outlook. "I look at everybody differently. I look at every child differently. I look at every flower differently," Somers said. "I'm grateful for every day. … (I)t's like before and after. Once you've had (cancer), you just appreciate everything."
  • Sharon Osbourne 7 of 10
    Sharon Osbourne
    Sharon Osbourne was diagnosed with colon cancer but stood strong to fight it. She said of her cancer, "What got me through was the determination that I wasn't going anywhere because of my family. I had three kids to bring up. I was determined that my work as a parent wasn't done."
    Source: Life Script
  • Olivia Newton-John 8 of 10
    Olivia Newton-John
    Oliva Newton-John followed her instincts. She said in and interview, "In June 1992, I discovered a lump in my breast. A subsequent mammogram, ultrasound and a needle biopsy proved negative. But my instinct said it still didn't feel right, so I had a lumpectomy. I then got the news that it was cancer. A few days later, I went for a partial mastectomy and breast reconstruction, followed by a year of chemotherapy. The entire experience was very traumatic - I needed counselling afterwards.
    Source: Daily Mail
  • Melissa Etheridge 9 of 10
    Melissa Etheridge
    Melissa Etheridge saw her 2004 diagnosis as a time to totally make a change. "I've changed my lifestyle," she told Dateline NBC."I have taken what I consider poisonous things out of my life. Out of my food, out of my work, out of my social circle, out of everything. Because I want a clean, cancer-free life. And I believe I can have that."
    Source: Dateline NBC
  • Betsey Johnson 10 of 10
    Betsey Johnson
    Designer Betsey Johnson was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002. "I'm not the type of person who dwells too much on bad things," Johnson told USA Today. "I guess the only thing I've done differently is loosened up the reigns on my company and now I'm enjoying life more."
    Source: Health

Images: PR Photos

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