Susan Lucci Releases Memoir "All My Life" Today


Susan Lucci, best known for her character ‘Erica Kane’ on the long-running soap opera All my Children, released her memoir “All my Life” on Tuesday, March 29th.

Lucci Wants the public and her fans to understand who she really is and that she has had many challenges through life. The book publisher, Harper Collins describes her struggles: “the childhood guilt she harbored over the death of her dear grandmother, the car accident that nearly took away her career and her eyesight, her newborn son’s life-threatening illness, coping with her husband’s cancer, and the pain of miscarriage”.

Lucci herself describes the memoir as a “labor of love” and says: “I’m looking forward to hearing the response. I’ve kept my private life to myself, yet I know there are things in my life that people will identify with, so I’m anxious to hear.”

“There are some very public things in my professional life that people already knew about, but [so many] they didn’t or couldn’t know about … I hope they feel they’ve been let in.”

Though not a soap opera fan, I’ve always been a fan of Susan Lucci and think the book would be an interesting read. Do you plan to get a copy of Susan Lucci’s “All my  Life”?