Susan Sarandon's Workout Secret: Ping Pong


While many celebs cling to fad diets and yoga to keep their bodies toned and healthy, Susan Sarandon does it old school with Ping Pong.

“I think ping pong is the most fun way to stay in shape,” she told People. “You really work up a sweat and it’s fun. It’s good for your mind as well as your body.”

Susan is an investor in the NYC club Spin, which is super fun for all ages and offers up pig pong tables and a bar for older patrons. She will also be coming out with a reality show on the subject.

Add that to starring in the new Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and this 64 year old mom has one packed schedule. Ping pong must have some health benefits!

“Unlike the treadmill, which kills brain cells, this actually invigorates you,” she stated. “In the past I’ve had a trainer, and I like yoga, but now my resolution is to play [ping pong] like, every day.”


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