Sweet! Angelina Jolie's 'Salt' Poster


angelina-jolie-saltHere’s a first look at the poster for Angelina Jolie’s new movie Salt. Hard to believe the role was originally intended for Tom Cruise, but went to Jolie after Cruise dropped out. Well, come to think of it they do have that same come-hither stare.

“She’s a character you never know,” producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura says. “People who think they know the real her may or may not. Those who think they can tell whether she’s in a disguise also may or may not … She tells you her agenda, but are you supposed to believe it?”

Wait – is he talking about Jolie’s character, Evelyn A. Salt, or Jolie herself?

In the movie Jolie goes through quite a few different looks – wonder if her kids will recognize mom in the short blonde wig?