T.I.'s Wife Tameka Cottle Responds On Twitter


The newlywed to rapper T.I., Tameka Cottle, is getting on the defense regarding her Wednesday night arrest on suspicion of drug possession.

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton took to his twitter to write Tameka a little note. He tweeted: “RT @PerezHilton: @TinyMajorMama Maybe you should change your Twitter name to @MajorMethMama?? #Mess”

That tweet was re-tweeted @totallytaylor25 and many more, which sparked Tameka to respond.

“@totallytaylor25 u da real dummy cause u believe everything u hear! I don’t even no wat meth look like! How bout let’s c wat da test say!”

What language is she speaking? And is this the language she is instilling in her children? If so, god help them. We’re all waiting in anticipation for “da test” to come back with the results. Then we can play the name game.

Do you think T.I. and Tameka are fit parents?