Table for 12: TLC Replaces The Gosselins


table-for-12-promoThe problem with reality stars is: they start out all obscure easy to deal with, then all of sudden they think they’re stars. So, if you’re TLC, what do you do? Replace them! Monday marked the end of the Jon & Kate franchise as we know it, and their TLC has already picked their next victim: The Hayes Family from New Jersey — with 2 sets of twins and a set of sextuplets. Top that!

TLC’s new parenting reality parenting show is called Table for 12 and centers around a not-yet-completely-messed-up New Jersey family with a grand total of 10 kids.

Apparently, the show has been secretly taping since June (about the time J&K started to be a real pain in the ass for the network), and the cameras are reportedly still rolling on the first season. No word yet on when the series will air. (the Hayes have already appeared on TLC in a couple of 1-hour specials)

Wow, I consider this to be very foreboding news for the Hayes. Haven’t they been paying attention to the whole last year of Jon & Kate headlines? What are they thinking?