Tacky Christmas Lights: TV, Web Guide to Kitschy Holiday Tradition


tacky-light-tourIt’s the and that means it’s time for tacky Christmas lights! I was inspired by Tuesday night’s Invasion of the Christmas Lights on TLC, so I found some websites featuring crazy Christmas lights, like is another website with tacky awesome holiday lights. The website is an online guide to neighborhoods around the country with the craziest lights.

Matt Burgess, the founder of TackyLightTour told that some of the people who are featured on the website pay thousands of dollars in electric bills during the holiday months.

According to Burgess, “I’ve heard of guys with $3,000 electric bills, all the way to a guy who spent $10,000 to turn on his Christmas lights all season. No expense is spared when tacky lights are concerned.”

Just like Clark Griswold in the classic holiday flick, Christmas Vacation, every neighborhood has at least one house on the block that is an eyesore. Tacky Christmas lights are a holiday tradition–just like fruitcake!

Here’s an example of extreme holiday lights for you: Synchronized Rock Chalk Christmas holiday lights. This homeowner has music along with their holiday lights! Wouldn’t you love to live next door to this house?


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