Take the Mom Pledge - Stop Cyberbullying These 13 Celeb Moms! (Photos)

Can we cut Snooki some slack?

For years, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has been getting criticized six ways to Sunday for her outrageous ways on Jersey Shore: drama, drinking, fights, men. Viewers and tabloids wondered if she’d ever tame her bad-girl ways.

Then Snooki discovered she was pregnant, and that prompted her to clean up her act, pronto. She got engaged to boyfriend Jionni LaValle, switched from wine to milk and traded her late nights for relaxing early evenings.

And guess what?

…People are still getting on her case.

Her Twitter account has snarky messages from followers about her shoes and hair extensions. Some even say she’s losing her diva edge. One particularly venomous blog post attacked her for “exploiting” her baby by designing a line of children’s slippers, and wondered whether the child would be born addicted. “Children [sic] Services should be there to catch the baby as soon as Snooki pops it out,” said the writer.

Low blow.

This kind of cyberbullying among moms isn’t limited to Snooki – lots of other famous mothers are subjected to sarcasm, nastiness and hate from people who assume they know better – and forget that these women have feelings, problems of their own and children who may wonder why anyone would say anything bad about Mommy.

Sadly, the problem isn’t even limited to celebrity mothers. Regular moms like you and me get it all the time. If you doubt it, just put up a blog post about why you don’t want to breastfeed or why you let your kids walk alone to the store two blocks away. You’ll be inundated with angry comments faster than you can say “Dora the Explorer.” I once wrote a humor piece about why children shouldn’t watch such classic holiday shows as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. From the vitriolic response I got, you’d have thought I had plugged Santa with a .38 special. (Some readers said that the article wasn’t even funny. Now that hurt.)

That’s why I applaud today’s Momcrunch column about The Mom Pledge, a movement launched by a mother who wants to end cyberbullying between moms. The Internet, she says, should be a forum for healthy, respectful dialogue by women who support each other and understand that every mother has to make the choices that work for her.

I also stand with my fellow Famecrawler bloggers like Joanna Mazewski and Monica Bielanko, who understand that writing about celebrity parents doesn’t have to mean disrespecting them. We can show concern without harsh criticism, humor without condescension and even offer support and admiration.

So take a minute to join The Mom Pledge and do your part to make the cyberworld a safer, happier and more supportive place to be.

You can start by looking at these well-known women and remembering that they’re mothers (or would-be moms), too. Underneath the glamor and designer fashions, they have the same worries and hopes for their children as we do.

And next time you’re tempted to hate on Snooki’s shoes, the Duggars‘ large family or Jessica Simpson‘s weight, ask yourself, “Is this something I’d want someone to say about me?”

  • Kate Gosselin 1 of 12
    Kate Gosselin
    Kate tops the list of Moms Other Moms Love to Hate. Some of the comments from her detractors are downright scary - so much so that Kate has said she'd like to be a spokesperson against cyberbullying. What say we get behind her on this one?
    Take a look at her website here.
  • Angelina Jolie 2 of 12
    Angelina Jolie
    Angie's been engaged less than a week, and already the snarking has started about the ring and the wedding. Can we lay off her long enough for her to get to the bridal registry?
    Congratulations to Angelina on her big news!
  • Jessica Simpson 3 of 12
    Jessica Simpson
    She's having a baby, for heaven's sake. This is a HAPPY time. Yes, maybe we can be concerned about her weight gain for health reasons, but are the fat jokes really necessary?
    What did Jessica recently say about her pregnancy weight?
  • Beyonce 4 of 12
    Okay, so she has the money for an extravagant birthing suite, designer nursery, an army of nannies and trainers to get her into fantastic shape. At the end of the day, she still has to deal with midnight fevers, tantrums, picky eating and homework like the rest of us. Let's cut her some slack and treat her like the mom she is.
    Have you seen her beautiful pregnancy photo?
  • Kourtney Kardashian 5 of 12
    Kourtney Kardashian
    Yes, she's rich. Last we heard, that wasn't a crime. Would you want to get dissed online for being part of a famous family - especially if you were pregnant?
    Kourtney gets plenty of support from her sisters.
  • Michelle Duggar 6 of 12
    Michelle Duggar
    Too many children! Too religious! Too conservative! The mom of 19 (and counting) has heard it all. But while her lifestyle may not be everyone's cup of tea, you have to give her credit for running a large (and debt-free!) household smoothly and lovingly. And even if you don't like to admit it, some of her philosophies - like teaching lessons in character - make sense.
    How Michelle Duggar teaches her children about character.
  • Maci Bookout 7 of 12
    Maci Bookout
    She's a Teen Mom who's working to make life better for her son, Bentley - plus, she helps educate other teens about the realities of parenthood. A little less hating on her, please.
    Here are 14 things you never knew about Maci!
  • Khloe Kardashian 8 of 12
    Khloe Kardashian
    The tabs say she's battling infertility and that her marriage to Lamar Odom may be falling apart. She swears none of it is true. But even if it is, let's show sympathy, not scorn.
    What did Khloe have to say about recent hurtful rumors?
  • Kail Lowry 9 of 12
    Kail Lowry
    The "Teen Mom" star is a career-minded student and loving parent - yet she's getting grief for being an atheist who doesn't celebrate Christmas. Suppose we support what she does believe in - hard work and her child - rather than what she doesn't?
    Check out Kail's photos of her heartbreaker son.
  • Jenelle Evans 10 of 12
    Jenelle Evans
    She's a struggling young mother with a trunkful of personal issues. Are nasty tweets going to make things better for her or her son, Jace?
    Why we're ALL just like the "Teen Moms."
  • Teresa Giudice 11 of 12
    Teresa Giudice
    The drama and larger-than-life personalities on "Real Housewives" make Teresa and her castmates an easy target. But no one can deny that these women love their kids, and as moms, we can respect that.
    Have you seen Teresa's vacation pictures yet?
  • Leah Messer 12 of 12
    Leah Messer
    She's criticized for being a Teen Mom who married her boyfriend of 8 months after her first marriage failed. But they seem happy together, and her daughters are loved and thriving. Let's give the newlyweds a chance to succeed.
    What important milestone did Leah's daughter Aliannah reach?


[Photos: via PacificCoastNews, Twitter]

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