Tamra Barney Uses Facebook to Call Ex "Deadbeat Dad"


real-housewives-tamra-barneyRemember the old adage that you shouldn’t bad mouth your ex to the children?  Well, it might have to be updated to include not bashing them via social networking sites.  Tamra Barney of The Real Housewives of Orange County took to her Facebook page to denounce estranged husband Simon as a “deadbeat dad.”  Apparently the divorce is getting nasty — maybe because she’s now dating one of his friend?  Airing dirty family laundry via technology seems to be a (not very mature) trend. Who else has done this lately?

Well, there’s crazy Courtney Love who rambles incoherently on Facebook, denouncing Kurt Cobain’s family for gaining custody of her daughter Frances Bean.

And Katie Price recently complained via Twitter that her ex, Peter Andre, cut two-year-old daughter Princess Tiaamii’s hair: “Can’t believe that when I got kids back, Princess comes back with her hair all cut short. Soo out of order.” (Andre claims he cut his daughter’s hair because Price damaged it by using a flat iron.)

Hopefully this is a short-lived trend. But something tells me it’s just getting started.

Photo: Bravo

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