TANGLED! Zach Levi on Rapunzel, Singing & Being A Disney Nerd

Zach Levi made quite a leap in his role as Flynn Ryder in Tangled. He became animated, became a Disney hero and even did some singing. Yes, signing. One of the big moments of Tangled is when Zach belts out a song in a duet with Mandy Moore who just happens to be a vocal star. And the thing is, Zach Levi holds his own.

We got a chance to talk to Zach Levi about the new awesome Disney epic, about his Disney nerd-ness and how weird it was to meet the “other” Flynn Ryder at Disneyland.

What about the singing?  Is there a particular kind of voice you need to have for these movies?
Yeah.  Yeah.  I mean, I feel like the — I feel like the type of music that you find in Disney is — is similar to that of the musicals that I grew up doing.  Not all of them.  I mean, Alan Menken music is not Roger and Hammerstein, uh, or Sondheim, for that matter.  But I — I think because so much of my life and so much of my opinion of — of singing and of music has been influenced by Disney movies, I kind of felt at home doing it, like, a little bit.

What are the songs you grew up singing?
Oh, I mean, uh.  Little — I mean, pick — pick one.  Pick a movie.  I’ll tell you.

Favorite song in Aladdin?
Never Had a Friend Like Me.  Whole New World. 

Beauty and the Beast?
Be Our Guest , Gaston.  (Starts to sing) “In a wrestling match, nobody fights like Gaston.”  You know, that stuff, yep. (SINGS)  “As a specimen, yes, I’m intimidating.” It’s all that stuff.

How did you approach the romance in this as opposed to what you do on Chuck?
I think I try not to bring anything that I’ve done before or even concurrently to whatever I  do next, you know.  I think that you let the the script inform you what you’re doing.  Because they’re very different thing. Flynn is, you know, is a man about town.  Man of the world and Rapunzel is not.  Been cooped up in her tower her whole life. But his relationship to Rapunzel and Chuck’s relationship to Sarah are so completely, you know. Flynn finds her attractive when he first sees her.  But he, you know, as far as he’s concerned, all he wants is the tiara — or the crown back.  When Chuck meets Sarah, all he wants is Sarah.  So you can’t, you know, there’s no real correlation there.

Nonetheless, whether I’m Chuck or Flynn, I’m always having to deal with fiery girls, I’ll tell you that much.  And growing up with two sisters, a cousin, a couple aunts, my mom and my grandma, that’s something I have experience in.  Yes.

How has your family reacted to you as Flynn?
Well, only one of them has seen it so, uh, my younger sister.  And she’s a Dis-nerd like I am so she cried.  Um, yeah.  We saw it a while back, like, a fifty percent completed version.  I mean, it was very rough.  And even that, you know, I — I look over at the end of the movie and I was very pleased.  And I look over and she and my publicist are both crying.  And I’m, like, really?

How did you feel meeting your character at Disneyland?
A little tripped out, honestly.  I have toys, you know, there’s toys of me.  Well, there’s toys of Flynn.  It’s not even — it’s not me, you know what I mean.  It’d be another thing if I, like, did an action motion — a live action action movie and I had toys.  But it’s, you know.  But nonetheless it’s me doing the voice.  And that’s — that’s crazy awesome.  And seeing a dude dressed up like Flynn.  And not just dressed up like Flynn.  But, like, never once breaking character is really, really weird. It’s really, like, cuz I go up to him — I met him at — at Disney Studios first.  We did a whole thing there and they had them come up.  And I was, like, hey, I’m Zach.  And I really expected him to be, like, hey, I’m John, you know. I just wanted to meet the guy.  I didn’t, you know, I didn’t need to meet Flynn, I was Flynn., I’m, like, hey, and he’s, like, hi, I’m Flynn Ryder.  I was, like, no, no.  What’s your name?  And he goes, no, I’m Flynn Ryder.  And it was really, really weird.  But — but on the flipside of that, I go kudos to Disney for having always stuck to their guns. And never, ever, ever breaking those characters.  Not just them but all of the characters in the park.  For the last fifty some-odd years or whatever.  Sixty?  Sixty?  I’m not good with numbers.  Anyway.


Article Posted 6 years Ago
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