Tanning Addict - Is Mom of 8 Kate Gosselin Having Too Much "Me" Time?


One sign that someone may have too much time on their hands, or may perhaps possess out-of-wack priorities? Extensive grooming. I’m a mom of one and I hardly have time to shower or brush my hair. But mom of eight Kate Gosselin, she is frequently seen working out (she says she goes running every day), getting her nails done, having her real and fake hair tended to, and then there are the tanning sessions…. She has recently had one of those eerie orange glows that comes from excessive fake tanning. A hue that is totally unnatural unless you wore born in the spice aisle from a marriage of turmeric and saffron.

UsWeekly talked to Board-certified dermatologist Joel Schlessinger who believes that her excessive tanning is sending a bad message to Kate’s kids.  “There’s an addiction in tanning,” he says. “Definitely, it’s amazing what a spray tan can do: It makes you look younger, all your flaws on your skin go away, you look slimmer… But you’ve got to be careful and not overdo it. My advice would be to drop it, cold turkey!” And she may need that, on her twin’s birthday (which was also Mother’s Day) she opted not to spend the day with her kids but to go to get tanned.

Kate recently said on the View, “I want to look as good as I can because when you look good, you feel good.” But really, if you are complaining about not having enough money to get by and have eight kids, and as a single mother with a deadbeat ex, wouldn’t you think some of this personal “me” time would wane? But from all accounts it looks like she’s still taking enough time for herself, not only to work, promote, but to partake in pastimes that seem all too indulgent for a woman in her situation.

Do you think Kate is spending too much on “me time”?