Tareq Salahi: Arrested Trespassing on Family Property, Feuding with Parents


Househusband of DC and White House ‘gatecrasher’ Tareq Salahi has had a strained relationship with his parents since he reportedly drove the family business, Oasis Winery, into the ground. It was a move that was followed by an ongoing legal battle between Mom, Dad, and their baby boy that eventually faded out due to legal costs.

Last month, Tareq had a run in with police when he was seen on the now bankrupt Winery property in Virginia.

According to the report filed July 27, police responded to call from Tareq’s estranged mother Corinne who said he was trespassing and “changing the locks on the doors” to the winery and “possibly removing items.”

Tareq told police he was at the property changing the lock on his apartment door located above the winery, but there has been a large amount of wine that has gone missing. On one occasion, “unknown persons” broke into the garage storage area and took $5580 worth of wine. In another instance, $4800 worth of wine cases was taken.

On top of all the trouble between Tareq and his mother, his father is currently in hospice on the verge of dying. “I don’t have time to deal with this other stuff!” Corrine told police.

Tareq has “expressed concern for his father though the pair have not seen each other in “a while.” He saw him only for a few minutes with his mother’s permission and had to make his visit under police supervision, an odd fact. Could it be possible Corrine felt that her son may actually harm his father? Why else have police present?


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