Target Kid Style: What About the Boys?


I couldn’t help but notice that whenever anyone would talk about buying clothes for their kids, the conversation naturally leads to girl’s clothes. And even though I have both a 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son, I too am guilty of writing more about my daughter’s style than ever talking about what my son wears which is funny because his closet is more full of clothes than hers. Really.

I guess one of the main reasons why we don’t discuss toddler boy fashion so much is because there aren’t any sparkle dresses to ooh and aah over, a rainbow of ballerina skirts to collect and more glitter on screen T-shirts than you’ll ever need in a lifetime. Let’s face it, and I’ll be honest that yes, girls’ clothing is just more interesting than what we see in the boys’ isles.

But while girls’ clothes are more festive and fun (especially during the holidays), I did notice that my son’s wardrobe is waaay more practical. Let’s face it, boys get dirty and they get rough and they roll around more in dirt and mud and that’s probably why you never see white T-shirts for sale in sizes 2T to 5T. You don’t have to worry about their sparkly and shiny new outfit getting all messed up as you probably got his Thomas the Train T-shirt on the clearance rack in Target anyway and those juice stains on his Spiderman T-shirt? Yeah, they totally match his camouflage cargo shorts.

With the boys, at least there’s no worrying about getting the perfect dress for picture day or buying a ton of hair accessories that your daughter will most likely take off by the time you drop her off at pre-school and will end up on one of her Barbie dolls instead.  You also never have to worry about your son’s favorite Curious George swag going out of style as you can stash them away as hand-me-downs for his little brother. And while yes, shopping for girls might be more fun, at least shopping for boys is much more practical AND cheaper and you can’t go wrong with that, now can you?

Tell us, do you keep your family festively stylish during the holidays? We’re giving away three $50 Target gift cards to brighten the season! To enter for a chance to win, simply comment on this post with a personal tip on how you dress your children conveniently — and with style — during the holidays!

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