Target, McDonalds and the Red Cross Give Shout Outs to Charlie Sheen & His Tiger Blood!


charlie Sheen twitter

Charlie Sheen? He has become a pop culture juggernaut. It’s almost impossible to avoid him and his Tiger Blood. He’s on the twitter, he’s on the TV, he’s on T-shirts. He’s everywhere. And it’s pretty surprising who is jumping on the Sheen band wagon. Three giant companies who gave shout-out to Sheen this week? Target, McDonalds and the Red Cross! What did they say?

Those three biggies each sent out tweets mentioning Charlie Sheen, his tiger blood or his #winning!

Red Cross:
“We may not collect #tigerblood, but we know our donors & volunteers have fierce passion for doing good! #RedCrossMonth

“Contrary to popular opinion, #TigerBlood is not available at the Dollar Spot. #Winning? On sale daily. #ExpectMorePayLess

adding later “Probably not going to happen… we might sell like 2 and a half of them.”

“Despite all the rumors there r no plans 2 bring #mclobster or mcsushi 2 the US menu. We r working on a new menu item called McWinning.”