Taye Diggs Deals With Terrible Twos, Writes Children's Book "Chocolate Me"


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Taye Diggs has released a children's book, "Chocolate Me."

Perez Hilton isn’t the only celebrity penning his own children’s book about being different! Private Practice star Taye Diggs has gone and released “Chocolate Me.”

Diggs recently opened up to Parade magazine regarding his book as well as handling his son, Walker, now that he is 2-years-old.

On Chocolate Me: “This book is based on a poem I wrote back in college. I remembered being 5-years-old and moving into this neighborhood where none of the kids looked like me and were very inquisitive. Questioning why I looked the way I looked and why my hair was the way it was. I remember feeling really awkward, like I didn’t fit in. My best friend Shane Evans is a very established publisher and had published other children’s books and he thought this concept would make a good one. We just joined forces and put a mockup together and took it to some places and here were are. It’s great working as best friends on something that means so much to us, like self-esteem and self-awareness, especially at this time of bullying. I wrote the book to my kid.”

On Walker’s Terrible 2s: “Well, I’d be lying if I said he wouldn’t be going through them. I’m not sure if they’re all terrible, but it’s not all sunshine and lollipops. He’s become very familiar with the words ‘mine’ and ‘no.’ But it’s really hard to be annoyed because any time something comes out of his mouth, I am amazed he’s a working human being. Sometimes it feels like he’s a science project we took a risk on and experimented on and it’s all working. We read the instructions and we put it together okay.”

How did you handle your child’s terrible twos?

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