Taye Diggs Likes To Change Diapers


taye-diggsTaye Diggs is sleep deprived. Welcome to the world of parenting Mr. Diggs. It doesn’t end. The sleep deprivation that is.

He loves to be home with his little man. He said: “He’s almost standing, he’s laughing a lot when I come in to get him in the morning to change his diaper, he’s smiling, he’s brilliant. I can’t stop talking about him!”

He loves everything about fatherhood.

I’m sure his wife appreciates that. Especially because that means he’s in there changing diapers.

He said, “It is love, let me tell you, his diapers are no joke. But even then I’m such a proud father I’m like, ‘Good for you! Good for you little man!'”

Did your husband/partner get in the trenches and change diapers too?


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