Taylor Armstrong of Real Housewives to File for Divorce: How About Her 5-Year-Old Daughter?

Will Taylor Armstrong Reall Divorce This Time?


If Taylor Armstrong wanted to have her divorce from husband Russell Armstrong fly a bit under the radar, then having the news leak the same day as it was announced that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are splitting up would have been a good idea. Taylor and Russell’s story a marriage on the outs won’t get as much limelight as JLo & Marc Anthony, but really who would want their divorce to be national news anyways?

This isn’t the first time that there have been rumors that Taylor and Russell would be divorcing…

but for anyone who has watched the show, you know it was coming. But the real victim in all this is their five-year-old daughter.  Russell, as least on the show, did not seem like a ‘hands-on’ dad. On one episode Taylor seemed pretty concerned about leaving their daughter with Russell for the day while she was out of town, she was worried he wouldn’t be able to handle a kid for a day. Wait, isn’t he her father?!?! Shouldn’t that be just part of the job?

Thankfully, there is word that Taylor will have primary physical custody (and joint legal custody), she seems far more equiptted for the role as parent. Also, a bonus for Taylor, there apparently wasn’t a pre-nup.

Did you think these two would be stick together.

Image: PCN