Taylor Momsen: Would You Let Your 16 Year Old Daughter Dress Like This?


Parents and pundits have been up in arms about teenager Miley Cryus‘ racy outfits.  But this teen queen has nothing on Taylor Momsen

This Gossip Girl cast member-who was written off the show at the end of the last season  – also sings with the band Pretty Reckless. And that pretty much explains her way of dressing.  Especially since she is just 16. Yes, she is trying to be a rock star …so dressing edgy comes with the terroritory.  But age appropriate it is not. Most parents would yell at their child with refrains of “where are your pants!?!?” if they tried to leave the house looking like that.

Would you ever let your 16 year old dress like that in public, or even private?

Photo: INF