Taylor Momsen's Mom In Crowd During Flash, Cheering On Her Daughter


Chances are if you use the Internet (and I am going to make the HUGE assumption all of you do since you are reading this) you probably saw the images/video of 17 year old Taylor Momsen-shown left doing a under-aged gun porn thing- flashing the crowd while she performed during a party in New York. It was shocking even for this young star who seems to work at cultivating a bad ass image. But what’s even more surprising than the actual action? Her mom was there watching!

And she was cheering her on!

Now Mrs. Momsen is obviously a supportive parent and that is fantastic but there are moments when you have to put your foot down. Taylor has been taken to task in the press often for her skimpy clothing, heavy make-up and stripper shoes. She’s building a certain type of brand and it’s a brand that sells well with a certain segment of angsty teens.

 I adored Courtney Love, a rocker Taylor seems to be channeling, when I was in middle school.  Her music and look felt empowering to me. If Taylor were doing things right she could have that same effect and it could be a potentially a savvy business move.  I even like her music, but really  flashing goes too far and isn’t necessary. When C Love pulled up her shirt on Letterman, I lost some respect for her. Taylor should do better by her fans and herself by showing self-respect.

Her mother needs to take the reins now. This isn’t “hard core rocker” it’s “stripper” and it’s also very smarmy consider the event was held where alcohol was served and the majority of the crowd was 21 and over-way over. I had friends at that show!  Letting your young daughter objectify and overtly sexuality herself in public is not ok. Maybe Collette Momsen should call Lynn Spears for some advice and perspective? Paging Dina Lohan.


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