Taylor Storch: Mom Hears Daughter's Heartbeat In Donor's Chest (Video - Get A Hankie)

Taylor Storch
Taylor Storch

Taylor Storch was only 13 years old when she lost her life in a tragic skiing accident on the last day of a family trip to Colorado in March of this year. Her parents made the choice to donate her organs, and five lives were saved because of Taylor.

Taylor’s heart wound up going to a woman named Patricia Winters, a 39-year old woman from Arizona who had been suffering from cardiomyopathy. Her condition had gotten so bad that she was unable to care for her two young sons, until she was given the gift of life again with Taylor Storch’s heart.

Organ donations are confidential, but Patricia and her husband put two and two together when they heard the news of 13-year old Taylor’s accident. When she couldn’t sleep at night, Patricia would get online to look at photos and videos of young Taylor, knowing that she would not be alive if it weren’t for her.

Taylor’s mother, Tara, longed to hear her daughter’s heartbeat once again, and through an acquaintance, she managed to track down Patricia, and six months after the transplant, the two women finally met in person.

You can see the video of their reunion at the end of this post.

Tara asked Patricia if she would allow her to lay her head on her chest and listen to her daughter’s heartbeat. When she did, she immediately heard a huge “kick.” Patricia asked if she’d heard it, and when she said she did, she told her that she’d been praying that Taylor would give her mother a sign that she was there. And it looks like she did.

You can watch the emotional video of their reunion below, and you can see Tara hearing her daughter Taylor’s heart once again. Be sure to grab a tissue or hankie before watching. I definitely needed one.

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