Taylor Swift AMAs New Hair Same Old Song

Taylor Swift AMA's New hair, same old song

Did you catch Taylor Swift sing last night on the AMA’s? If you didn’t, don’t worry, she was pretty much the same as when she sang at the CMA’s a few weeks ago. Except there was one big difference in the Taylor Swift AMA performance, and that was her hair!

Never has hair caused so much of a commotion since Keri Russell cut her hair on Felicity! But this time the results were awesome! Taylor Swift at the AMA’s looked like a brand new person. She had her long hair straightened and she had bangs which looked incredible on her and made her look more like the 20 year old woman that she is than the innocent little girl she’s been trying to be.

I’m pretty sure she went with the straight, edgy hair since the AMA’s are a little more young and hip than say, the CMA’s, but whatever the reason I liked it! Taylor has been rocking the same pin curl kinda look for a long time now so I was happy to see her change it up a bit.

And even though she performed the same song she did on the CMA’s I liked that she mashed it up with a little ‘One Republic’ and got a little angry and angst-y on stage. For me, the hair saved her performance!

What did you think of Taylor Swift at this year’s AMA’s?