Taylor Swift Mean Lyrics - Setting A Good Example Through Song?

Taylor Swift
'Mean' will be the first release off Taylor Swift's new album, 'Speak Now'

When you’re a singing superstar that’s constantly in the limelight, it’s understandable that that you will get your fair share of criticism. But when you’re young, it’s not always so easy to deal with that criticism, especially when it comes off as just mean. After all, we know that every celebrity is subject of anonymous attacks on everything from how they look, how they sound and how they dress, but that doesn’t make it any easier to take. Taylor Swift’s new song, Mean, is basically a lyrical response to those who choose to pass judgement on the superstar.

Swift told E!News that “When you do what I do, which is you put yourself out there for a lot of people to say whatever they want…there’s a million different opinions,”
“I get that, no matter what, you’re going to be criticized for something. But I also get that there are different kinds of ways to criticize someone. There’s constructive criticism, there’s professional criticism—and then there’s just being mean. And there’s a line that you cross when you just start to attack everything about a person.”
So is Taylor Swift setting a good example for all her younger fans by taking the high road and addressing these ‘haters’ in song? Is this a better way to deal with the constant barrage of criticism than how some young stars deal with it (Justin Bieber I might be looking at you!)? Have a listen to Swift talking about the message behind her new song, ‘Mean’, and let me know what you think.

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