Taylor Swift New Album Speak Now: BFF Selena Gomez Knows Who The Songs Are About

Taylor Swift new album Speak Now
Taylor Swift's new album, Speak Now Has Secrets

Taylor Swift’s new album, Speak Now will be released tomorrow, and it’s track list of love songs has everyone buzzing about whether the songs are an ode to Taylor’s ex-boyfriends. Taylor Swift is best friends with Selena Gomez, and apparently she knows who each and every song on Speak Now is referring to.

Taylor Swift talked to Radio Disney about her new Speak Now album earlier today, and said of Gomez, “She knows me so well that she could tell exactly which song is about which person.” Looks like the ex-boyfriend theory is dead on!

Swift also added that the song, Dear John, was Selena’s favorite, “because she knows the story behind it.” It is highly speculated that Dear John is about singer John Mayer, who attempted and failed to date Taylor Swift.

Taylor and Selena have been BFFs since they were younger teens, and Swift even says that they are more like sisters.

I guess that sisters usually keep each other’s secrets, so I doubt Selena will be spilling any info about Taylor Swift’s new album anytime soon!