Taylor Swift New Album ‘Speak Now To Be Released On Vinyl

taylor swift
Taylor Swift New Album Speak Now released today

Well in case you haven’t heard, Taylor Swift new album ‘Speak Now’ was released today. The new album is also actually an album, as Taylor has released her latest songs on vinyl.

“The vinyl is really important to me,” Swift said in last week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly. “I’m so in love with the concept of an album — a collection of memories from your life that you’re giving to people. It’s a piece of you. Buying them on vinyl is just taking that one step further and acknowledging that albums are important.”
I can only wonder if Taylor had certain ‘memories’ passed on to her by her parents.

Swift has spoken how she wrote songs when she was younger to deal with being bullied and I wonder if her parents often had vinyl albums around and she felt a certain sense of connection to them.

I think it’s pretty cool that Taylor is making her latest collection available on vinyl, but do people have any way to play vinyl records anymore?

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