Taylor Swift on David Letterman: Swift Talks New Album, "Speak Now" (Video)

taylor swift david letterman interview speak now late show video
Watch Taylor Swift on David Letterman

Taylor Swift sits down with David Letterman in this October 26 Late Show video clip to talk about her new album, “Speak Now” and the songwriting process.

David Letterman has to ask about who the songs are about (she remains mum), and he wonders if it’s a deterrent from guys being interested in her.

Later, Letterman tells Taylor Swift she smells “like expensive wood,” noting that the scent is subtle and pleasing. Maybe it has to do with Taylor growing up on a Christmas tree farm?

Taylor said this album is her first international release, so she’s been all over the world promoting it. Letterman asks if she’s a big star in other countries she says it’s “really fun” and “really wonderful.”

Swift also says she learned a few phrases in other languages, showing off her Japanese phrases: “Are you having fun,” “I love Japan,” “Japan is awesome” and “Cute!”

Taylor Swift talks about her fans and says she loves the ones who are emotional, because she’s emotional too.

Interview video:

Watch Taylor Swift sing “Speak Now” on David Letterman:

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