Taylor Swift Performs Songs from New Album Speak Now in Central Park (PHOTOS)

taylor swift new album speak now
Taylor Swift performed songs from Speak Now for free tonight in Central Park

Taylor Swift, whose new album “Speak Now” is generating tons of speculation about which song lyrics are about her famous ex-boyfriends, performed a surprise free concert for her fans today in Central Park. She’s talented — and a class act, too! What a refreshing change from the swarms of other young celebrities out there just famous for being famous and having no talent except for partying.

Presumably fans were treated to song such as “Sparks Fly” and “The Story of Us.”

The country music sensation was reportedly spotted spending the weekend with actor Jake Gylenhaal, igniting rumors of a possible romance between the two. Gee, wouldn’t you sort of be afraid to date her given she goes home and writes a song the minute you break up with her? Among those who inspired her mighty pen are John Mayer (ugh) and Joe Jonas.  What is it about John Mayer that drives these celebrity women nuts? I. Don’t. Get. It. But despite her momentary lapse in taste in men, kudos to her for setting a great example and giving back to her fans.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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