Taylor Swift Speak Now Sells 1 Million in First Week: Great Role Model for Girls

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Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" sold over 1 million copies in 1st week

Pouring out her soul has definitely been successful for Taylor Swift. 

According to Billboard, the 20-year-old pop-country songbird’s latest album, ‘Speak Now,’ sold more than 1 million copies in its debut week!

She Tweeted in response to the news, “I… Can’t… Believe… This… You guys have absolutely lit up my world. Thank you.”

Her record marks the first million-plus launch since Lil’ Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter III’ in June of 2008.

‘Speak Now’ is a hit, not only with fans but also with critics. 

The New York Times said, “If this is what this preternaturally wise teen star turned 21st-century multimedia celebrity is developing into, bring it on … In these new songs relationships are no longer fantasies, or neutered; they’re lived-in places, where bodies share space.”

Her candid tracks “Dear John”, “Innocent” and “Mean” are a change from Taylor’s soft-spoken ways of the past.  Much of her song-writing seems to be about her romances with John Mayer, Taylor Lautner and even her feelings about Kanye West.

Taylor is coming into her own and gaining the respect she deserves, both as an artist and a young woman, certainly someone girls can look up to.

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