Taylor Swift Today Show Concert Performance "Mine," "Speak Now" (Video)

taylor swift today show concert speak now mine video
Watch Taylor Swift's Today Show concert video

Watch Taylor Swift in this Today Show concert video clip, where Swift sings “Mine” and “Speak Now.”

Taylor Swift was all a-sparkle on the Today show with her silver dress and glittery guitar lighting up the stage.

My question: how many tween/teen girls skipped school this morning to watch Taylor Swift’s Today show concert?

Taylor Swift’s new album, “Speak Now,” was released yesterday and has received rave reviews.

Swift talks about the positive reviews and spending two years to write the album herself, saying she’s spent time over the past couple of days dancing around over her newest success!

Ann Curry asks about how the songs on the album are said to be about some of the men in Swift’s life. Swift says, “One of my goals, as time has gone by, has been to… if I was fortunate enough to have success in music, to stay the same the same person and stay the same songwriter.”

She said as the years have gone by, she writes about the people in her life and says she’ll always write about her life, noting, “I guess people are always going to speculate who the songs are about and I’m always going to not tell them.”

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