Taylor Swift's Speak Now Album Gets Personal: Will She Regret This?


Taylor Swift’s new album Speak Now is out today and already it’s getting major  buzz. Each track deals with her personal life and covers ex-boyfriends, an almost boyfriend, another women… or Kanye West… among other subjects taken directly from her personal life.

And while  getting press will surely generate album sales, is this a good move for the young star?

I don’t think so. Instead of talking about how good the songs are or how talented Taylor is, people are discussing whether they are about Joe Jonas, John Mayer, and Taylor Lautner. Why share the spotlight with people who did not do your right and are no longer in your life?

It’s not just taking away from her music, it’s also putting her in a dangerous position. Many stars are private about their private lives for a reason. Once you invite the press and public in, it’s hard to get them out. Taylor is no doubt already hounded about her life, but she’s just flung the door wide open. It is going to be hard to close it. Next time she’s seen out with a guy, you can bet it will be a frenzy and everyone will speculate again on if the song she has written is about them.

While she may be ok with that now, she may find it too much at some point.  Plus, who knows if Mr. Right will be comfortable with all the attention? I know I would not be and I would not date Taylor for fear that my dirty laundry would end up on the airwaves.


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