Tea Leoni Takes Madeline To School


Tea Leoni, Madelaine DuchovnyTea Leoni and her 10-year-old daughter Madeline Duchovny were snapped on their to school in New York’s upper east side this morning, looking plenty bundled up for the chilly morning stroll. Not to mention, it looks like Tea has perhaps intentionally let her hair hang over her eyes to hide from the photographers —  didn’t work.

David must be in charge of taking the couple’s 7-year-old son Kyd to school. However, you’d kinda expect these guys to go to the same shcool, right? At ages 10 and 7, it’d sure make things a lot easier.

My apologies if you though the title suggested that the post was about a mother-daughter basketball game in which mom, with a significant height advantage, was schoolin’ her 10-year-old on the court. Come to think of it, I’d really like to see some picture of that.

Tea Leoni, Madelaine DuchovnyTea Leoni, Madelaine Duchovny

Photos: INF Daily

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