Team Jon Accuses TLC Of Violating Child Labor Laws, Exploitation


Jon GosselinWanna hear something messed up? Jon and Kate only got paid $2,000 per episode during their first season in 2005. In a new court papers, Jon and his lawyers are alleging that TLC violated Pennsylvania’s child labor laws, negotiated an unfair contract with the couple, and have prevented Jon from pursuing his career as a TV personality.

Those are some mighty big accusations, but it looks like Team Jon is now trying to force their way into the driver’s seat — and they might actually get behind the wheel.

Allegedly, TLC neglected to obtain work permits for the show’s 8 minor actors, which would make them in major violation of Pennsylvania labor laws.

As we reported earlier in the week, Jon’s lawyers are also alleging TLC with stifling Jon’s TV career with its overly restrictive contract.

But, as you may have already guess, the most embarrassing part of this new claim for TLC is that they only paid Jon & Kate $2,000 an episode for the first season. That goes a long way to showing just exactly why Jon and Kate are so broke now — TLC wasn’t paying them very much.

IMO, that really doesn’t look good for TLC. In fact, it looks like Jon and Kate’s lawyer didn’t even show up when they negotiated the contracts. Oh wait, they didn’t even have one…