Ted Kennedy Dead


ted-kennedy-deadEdward “Ted” Kennedy has died.

Senator Kennedy had been ill for some time, battling the effects of a tenacious brain tumor.

Kennedy was the third-longest-serving senator in American history. He was in the middle of his ninth term.

Ted Kennedy was the younger brother of John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy.  He is the father of Patrick Kennedy who is a U.S. Congressman.

Kennedy leaves behind a very storied, not always popular, record of public life.  His absence in the Senate will be hard to fill, though likely not from lack of those vying for his many prominent positions.

Up until his death Kennedy was working with Massachusetts’ government to name him an immediate replacement.

Ted Kennedy leaves behind his wife Victoria Anne Reggie Kennedy.  He had three children, Kara Anne, Edward Jr. and Patrick, two step-children, Curran and Caroline Raclin, and two grandchildren, Edward III (11) and Kiley (15).

Following the deaths of his brothers Kennedy assumed the role of surrogate father to their collective 13 children.

Our thoughts to the Kennedy family.  Ted Kennedy will be missed.