Ted Koppel on Son Andrew's Death; More Details Emerge


After waking up yesterday to the worst news a parent can ever face, Ted Koppel and his wife, Grace, struggled to respond publicly to their devastating loss. Andrew Koppel, 40, was found dead in a New York apartment after a booze-filled binge left him unconscious.

“Our son, Andrew, was a brilliant, caring man, whose loss we will mourn for the rest of our lives,” the Koppels said in a brief joint statement.

Koppel’s family is awaiting results of an autopsy, including toxicology reports, to shed more light on exactly what happened in his final hours. But is has become increasingly clear that Koppel had a long and troubled history involving alcohol, including 2 DUI arrests and a drunken brawl with a senatorial aide.

If Koppel continued to have problems with alcohol, they were well-hidden: he managed to graduate from Georgetown School of Law, get a job working at the New York City Housing Authority, and start a family. Recently, Koppel was living in Queens with girlfriend Ilona Lieberman, their daughter, Alice, and teaching at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

“I never saw him drinking,” a neighbor told the New York Daily News. “It’s shocking…he was a sweet guy and a great dad.”