Ted Koppel's Son, Andrew Koppel, Found Dead


Andrew Koppel, the son of onetime ABC News anchor Ted Koppel, was found dead in a New York City apartment early this morning. The cause of death is still under investigation, pending the results of an autopsy. Koppel was 40.

Apparently, Koppel, who lives in Queens with his girlfriend and daughter, spent the last day barhopping with a man he had just met, named Russell Wimberly. After a marathon of drinking, the two men wound up at the run-down Washington Heights apartment of Wimberly’s friend, Belinda Caban. From there, it gets a little sketchy.

According to Wimberly, Koppel was quite drunk, and he and Caban instructed Koppel to sleep it off. Later they found that he was not breathing, and called 911. According to authorities, Koppel was unconscious and had lost control of his bodily functions, having soiled the bed where he lay. The paramedics were unable to revive him, and he was pronounced dead.

There has yet to be a statement from Koppel’s family regarding this sad tragedy. Andrew is survived by his parents, his sisters Andrea, Deirdre and Tara, along with his girlfriend and baby daughter.