Ted Williams Rehab: What Help Does Williams Need to Make Second Chance Work (Video)

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Ted Williams rehab update (video)

Ted Williams rehab announcement for alcohol and drug treatment is good to hear, considering the man with the golden voice’s past. But what help does Ted Williams need to make his second chance work?

No doubt about it, Ted Williams has been given a rare second chance at life just recently, Williams was a homeless man living on the streets for more than a decade, until a viral video of his radio voice made him an overnight sensation.

Ted Williams’ rehab announcement comes with this statement: “After consulting with several psychologists and doctors, we all agree it’s time to allow private healing to take place.”

Still, Ted Williams has his demons to battle, and in this Today show video clip, we get a Ted Williams rehab update, as well as some of the work he’ll need to do to truly get back (and stay on!) track.

In the Today show video, a psychiatrist and psychologist weigh in on how he’ll need not only drug and alcohol treatment but therapy and family therapy to help him mend fences and better deal with his sudden fame.

The sudden attention for Ted Williams paired with his fragile state is “pretty risky business,” and his background needs to be taken into consideration, say the experts.