Tedy Bruschi: Five Things About The Former Patriots LB And Dad

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Tedy Bruschi: Dad of three honored at halftime last night

Did you see the New England Patriots’ tribute to Tedy Bruschi during halftime of “Monday Night Football” last night? While Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have been the brains and muscle, respecitvely, behind New England’s huge success, Bruschi was the heart, and his amazing recovery from a stroke to play football again never fails to make me tear up.

Here’s five things about the ex-linebacker, who retired last year.

1. He is a father of three sons with wife Heidi.

2. His stepfather, Ron Sandys, was a pro tennis player.

3. Besides football, he lettered in track and wrestling in high school.

4. He suffered a shocking stroke in early 2005. He made it back onto the field in the latter half of the 2005 season to play nine games.

5. Five years ago he established Tedy’s Team, which helps stroke victims and their families.