Tedy Bruschi Retires - One Less Great Name in Football


tedy-bruschiTedy Bruschi (brew-ski, I know, it’s awesome) is retiring from football – assuming of course the city of Boston will let him.  They loves them some Bruschi, and rightfully so.  Tedy Bruschi is something of a badass.

Bruschi has been a New England Patriot his entire career and was the NFL “Comeback Player of the Year” in 2005 after leaving football due to a mild stroke.

Tedy Bruschi will now spend his Sundays with his wife Heidi and their three boys, Tedy Jr., Dante and Rex.

On a personal note, Tedy Bruschi attended the University of Arizona the same time that I did and while I’m not a fan of the Patriots (screw you, Patriots), I’ve always been a huge fan of his.

Best of luck, Tedy.

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