'Teen Mom 2' Returns With An All-New Season (Photos)

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'Teen Mom 2' returns to MTV on Dec. 6, 2011.

Brace yourselves. MTV has just announced that they will unveil an all-new season of Teen Mom 2 on December 6 at 10PM! Jenelle Evans, Leah Messer, Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry are all returning for the drama-filled reality series’ second season.

These girls are not to be confused by the original Teen Moms: Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowry, and Farrah Abraham. In case you are unaware of the 2.0 girls, take a look at their stories below!

And check out a NYC sleepover the girls recently experienced while filming the new season together.

  • Leah: “Leah sacrificed everything her senior year in order to graduate, take care of her babies and try to make things work with her daughters’ father, Corey [Simms],” reads MTV’s press release. “They’ve weathered many ups and downs as a couple, from trust issues to doctor visits for understanding daughter Ali‘s slow development. Just before the twins’ first birthday, Leah and Corey made the ultimate commitment by becoming husband and wife. But soon after the honeymoon they realize that marriage isn’t as easy as they’d hoped it would be.”

  • Jenelle: “Jenelle continues to reconcile the responsibilities of motherhood with her love of partying,” MTV reveals. “With the birthfather of her son Jace out of the picture, Jenelle relies heavily on her mother Barbara. The two have an explosive relationship, which is amplified by the fact that Barbara has temporary custody of Jace. Through it all, Jenelle struggles to prove herself as a mom and responsible adult, but her party girl ways — and her trouble-maker boyfriend, Kieffer [Delp] — keep leading her down the wrong path. When Jenelle and Keiffer get arrested, she must choose between changing her ways or continuing on a downward spiral that could quickly hit rock bottom.”
  • Kailyn: “Kailyn and Isaac’s father Jo [Rivera]‘s relationship crumbled under the stress of balancing their lives and raising their child, and Kailyn moved out amidst their constant fighting,” shares MTV. “A romance with coworker Jordan begins to get more serious as she turns to him for emotional support during a bitter custody battle with Jo. Through it all, Kailyn keeps two jobs and goes to school full time, determined to better her situation for her son while navigating her complicated relationship with Jo and struggling to finally move out on her own.”
  • Chelsea: “Since giving birth to Aubree, Chelsea’s life has been consumed with taking care of her daughter and trying, in vain, to make her tumultuous relationship with Aubree’s father, Adam [Lind], succeed,” details MTV. “She still hasn’t graduated from high school. As her emotional tug-of-war with Adam escalates, she finally gets the strength to call it quits, trying to move forward and focus on what’s best for her and her daughter. Her friends and family just hope she can stay away from Adam for good this time.”

Are you ready for a brand new season featuring Chelsea, Jenelle, Leah, and Kailyn?

  • Teen Mom 2 Cast 1 of 7
    Teen Mom 2 Cast
    Kailyn trying to get dolled up!
  • Teen Mom 2 Cast 2 of 7
    Teen Mom 2 Cast
    The girls reunited, and it feels so good.
  • Teen Mom 2 Cast 3 of 7
    Teen Mom 2 Cast
    Jenelle and Kailyn posing for a photo.
  • Teen Mom 2 Cast 4 of 7
    Teen Mom 2 Cast
    Chelsea, Jenelle, and Kailyn happy to see each other.
  • Teen Mom 2 Cast 5 of 7
    Teen Mom 2 Cast
    Leah and Kailyn getting ready to go out.
  • Teen Mom 2 Cast 6 of 7
    Teen Mom 2 Cast
    Jenelle and Kailyn together again.
  • Teen Mom 2 Cast 7 of 7
    Teen Mom 2 Cast
    Chelsea and Kailyn posing and being silly.

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