'Teen Mom 2' Star Leah Messer Gets Married: 5 Things To Know About Jeremy Calvert! (Photos)

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Leah Messer has married Jeremy Calvert.

It looks like second times the charm for Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer!

The mom of twins Ali and Aleeah married her fiance Jeremy Calvert on Wednesday (April 4).

Reverand Marty Gute, who married Leah and Jeremy, told The Independent Online that he received a call from MTV producers on Tuesday (April 3) asking him to sign a waiver which would allow production crews to film in his chapel.

“When I asked what was going on, they said it was for the Leah Simms’ wedding, and that name didn’t ring a bell at first,” Gute said. Gute mentioned the name to his wife and daughter, and they knew exactly who Leah was.

It was a rush ceremony as Gute says the couple were filmed getting their marriage license, buying rings, and having their ceremony all in the same day.

Details are scarce, but around 15 people attended the wedding, including Leah’s parents, Jeremy’s parents, and Messer’s twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah.

“I think they wanted to keep it out of the news, but the producer said he knew it would hit Facebook soon,” Gute said. “He asked my daughter not to tweet about it, though.”

So far there has been no confirmation by Leah or Jeremy on twitter. But now, it should only be a matter of time.

Leah did, however, send a very promising tweet the next morning, “It’s been a great morning (;.”

So who exactly is Leah’s new husband Jeremy Calvert? Find out 5 things you should know about him below!

  • Important Dates 1 of 5
    Important Dates
    Leah and Jeremy met on August 13, 2011. They were married on April 4, 2012.
  • Career 2 of 5
    Jeremy works as a pipe-liner.
  • Origin 3 of 5
    Jeremy is from South Charleston, West Virginia.
  • A Second Father To Ali and Aleeah 4 of 5
    A Second Father To Ali and Aleeah
    Jeremy has been like a second father to Ali and Aleeah. "Leah and I had the girls 2nd birthday party at her Moms today," Jeremy posted on Facebook, "everything turned out perfect. I love them and their mother more than anything! They were all smiles today. Im just glad I was home for the weekend and able to be there. Off all week this week too. & it feels good to be home with my 3 girls."
  • Through It All 5 of 5
    Through It All
    Jeremy has been there for Leah through her televised divorce from Cory Simms and her recent miscarriage.

[Photos via Twitter.]

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