Teen Mom Amber in Rehab and Gary Shirley Partying: Who Is Taking Care of Their Daughter?

amber portwood teen mom gary shirley
Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley

Teen Mom’s Gary Shirley is partying it up at a Miami strip club.

Amber Portwood is in rehab in Malibu, California after attempting suicide in June.

So who is taking care of their daughter Leah?

Shirley was caught on camera posing with strippers this summer, spending $5,000, reports.

And he has sole custody of Leah right now while Portwood is battling her demons.

Way to go Gary.

Shouldn’t he be putting that money to something more important, such as his daughter’s education?

I’m guessing that Gary’s mom is taking care of Leah back home in Indiana.  She put together a birthday party for her granddaughter since Gary and Amber were both incapable.

And the parents of the year award goes to….

Not Amber or Gary, that’s for sure!

TMZ spoke to Gary, and shockingly – he had no comment.