Teen Mom Amber Portwood Dating A Registered Sex Offender: What Is She Thinking?

Amber Portwood Teen Mom
Amber Portwood Dating A Sex Offender

Just when we thought that Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood couldn’t get any more controversial, now reports are coming out that she is dating Chris Hossman, a registered sex offender.

I guess beating up the father of her daughter, Gary Shirley, just wasn’t exciting enough for Amber. She met Chris at the local Walmart, and he says that the day he met her was “the best day of his life.”

Amber and Chris went on their first date to “Three Pigs Restaurant And Lounge” (totally romantic) in Anderson, Indiana. She asked Chris about what he did before he met her, and his answer was, “Well, I got into trouble and I got caught and they put me on work-release…It’s like a jail where you get to go out and work and you have to go back.”

Translation: He was convicted of child molestation, but knows that she has a kid and thought that she might frown upon the fact that he’s a sex offender.

Portwood definitely knows about Chris’s past now, but she doesn’t seem too concerned. When asked about him she said, “Chris might be trying a little too hard, but it’s kind of cute.”

It’s kind of cute that he’s harmed a child? Seriously…what is Amber Portwood thinking?