Teen Mom Amber Portwood Hits Ex Again: Is She Out of Control?

Amber Portwood
Teem Mom Amber Portwood hit ex Gary Shirley again?

It seems Teem mom Amber Portwood has not learned her lesson?

Portwood has physically attacked Gary Shirley for the second time, and threatened his current girlfriend Ashley, according to

Amber reportedly confronted Gary after hanging out this his latest girlfriend, who Amber bonded with after she thought Ashley and Gary’s relationship had cooled off.  Amber wanted Gary to admit that he was stringing both women along.

“Amber said Gary was sending her flowers and texting her, saying he hadn’t been talking to Ashley,” a source said.

“Once they got to Gary’s house, Amber hit Gary for trying to play both of them.”

But things took a turn for the worse when Amber realized that Gary and Ashley were still together.

“When Amber learned that Gary was still communicating with Ashley, she got in Ashley’s face like she was going to hit her,” the source added.

The argument continued and Amber went outside to calm down, but the three ended up outside together.

Amber reportedly directed her anger towards Gary after he began criticizing Ashley for hanging out with his ex.

“Amber was standing up for Ashley because he was talking sh*t, saying he was trying to use her to make Amber jealous. Amber almost hit him a few more times because he was talking sh*t about Ashley.”

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